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We have worked with a lot of property management companies here at Carpet Crafters. Why do so many people choose us to help them in their property management projects? They choose us because we have a strong reputation for top quality property management in Salem, OR. We offer different services that are all geared toward making your property better. If you want to be able to charge the maximum amount of money for your rental property or maintain it in pristine condition, we can help.

Our services can be applied to rental properties, commercial buildings, and apartments. Here is a bit more about our property management service:

• New Lease Flooring—Prepare your home for your new tenants and make them feel comfortable renting from you with our new lease flooring service which features high end carpeting and hardwood materials.

• New Lease Countertops—Beautiful new countertops can easily increase the worth of your rental property. Our countertops offer the best value and allow you to charge premium prices for rent.

• Rental Property Restoration—If your rental property has seen better days, our simple yet masterful flooring and cabinet services can immediately turn it around.

We will work at your side and help you make the most from your rental property. Our services are relatively simple and fast, but you will be amazed at the difference they can make in your property. Our business has been successful in Salem, OR for 35 years because we do quality work. We know that you will be more than happy with the results we yield for your home, so count on us for property management services today!